About our company

Awesome System Solution, a next-generation global technology firm founded in 2014, assists companies of all sizes and across all sectors in transforming their HR and accounting practises to the digital era, which will drive their productivity development to a new level.

What we do

Our business software solution that we offer includes the SQL Accounting System, SQL Payroll, E Leave Module, Attendance System, POS System, Point-of-Sale Software, e-invoicing , public and private cloud solutions will support Malaysia into the digital era.

In Malaysia, Singapore, and Johor, Awesome was offering services to over 3000 businesses by the year 2022. We aim to continue assisting our clients throughout the entire digital era even after E-invoicing is implemented in Malaysia in 2024.

Integrated HRMS Software with Full HRDF Funding

Awesome System Solution’s SaaS Cloud HRMS Software is integrated with Human Resource Management (HR) app, with HRDF Funding support. Unlock the potential of efficient HR management without financial constraints.

100% HRDF Funding

Access cutting-edge HR solutions without the financial burden.

Effortless Accounting with e-Invoicing Integration

Our user-friendly accounting software, compatible with e-Invoicing, simplifies financial management. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined, efficient processes.

E-Invoicing Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with the modern digital ecosystem.